April 29, 2019

Previous Events

6th Diabetes Care Symposium 2006

Human Health Workshop 2007

The 4th Gulf Value Engineering Conference 2008

Special Care Dentistry Symposium 2010

Towards Safer Neurosurgery 2011

Childhood Cancer & Blood Disorders Symposium 2011

2nd International Conference in Pediatric Emergency Medicine 2012

23rd Annual Conference of Saudi Heart Association 2012

5th MSK AGSSR Meeting & Symposium 2012

10th Gulf Heart Association Conference 2013

3rd International Conference in Pediatric Emergency Medicine 2014

16th International Congress For Hormonal Steroids 2014

Goss 2015

International Conference on Radiation Medicine 2016

17th Annual Saudi Neonatology Society Conference 2017

Worldwide Network for Blood Marrow Transplantation 2017

Saudi Dental Society Conference 2017

Saudi Laparascopic Society Congress 2018

Saudi Hypertension Society Conference 2018 (Online Registration)

Sepsis Conference 2018 (Online, Onsite Registration)

1st Medical Student Forum 2018

Male Prosthetic Implant Workshop 2018

Saudi Plastic Surgery Symposium 2018

Future of Applied Medical Specialties Conference Towards 2018

Saudi Medlab Expo 2018 (Online, Onsite & Supplies)

Saudi Pharma Expo 2018 (Online, Onsite & Supplies)

AMS & AGSSR Radiology Conference 2019

Saudi Trauma Conference 2019 (Online, Onsite Registration)

Saudi Opthalmology Society Symposium 2019

Saudi Rheumatology Society Conference 2019 (Online, Onsite Registration)

3rd Advance Wound Management Symposium 2019

19th Annual Saudi Neonatology Society Conference 2019

Saudi Laparascopic Society Congress 2019

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